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You’ve Only Got Five Words: Communication! – Douglas E. Castle


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The purpose of this bullhorn is to capture your attention in the simplest way possible. - Douglas E. Castle

The purpose of this bullhorn is to capture your attention in the simplest way possible. – Douglas E. Castle

Based upon the average consumer’s (either B2B or B2C) limited attention span, the following rules apply to virtually all of your writing. I might have titled this piece “Written Communication 101 for 2014″:

1. Your title or slogan cannot be more than 5 words in length;

2. Your message should be 140 characters or less in length (including spaces), with a hyperlink to any additional content;

3. Your content should not consist of more than a title, three to five paragraphs and your signature, unless you are just writing a list or outline;

4. Your paragraphs should be bulleted or numbered, and no single paragraph should exceed three sentences or three lines (whichever you choose);

5. Your writing (in terms of vocabulary and complexity of expression) should not be more sophisticated than that of an average American high-school student, and pictures or other multicolored illustrations are becoming increasingly helpful.

Of course, I don’t necessarily follow all of my own rules. And I make no judgment regarding these rules, even if I call them mine. They aren’t truly mine – they belong to everyone (sadly).

But if your objective is simply to communicate effectively, you should seriously consider applying the general rules set forth above.

Douglas E. Castle

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