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Optimize Your Time, Entrepreneurs And Executives: 3 Steps – Part 1


The Douglas E Castle Consultancy

Personal Time Management - 3 Steps - The Douglas E. Castle ConsultancyYour time is your most precious, irreplaceable commodity. You must invest it wisely in order to achieve the tactical moves and strategic goals which you have set for yourself professionally. Optimizing your time utilization requires three basic steps:

1) Identify the crucial areas of your life and you profession or business where you need to invest time — there are 24 hours in a day and 5 days in a week, and you are a Human Being;

2) Determine how much time (and when) you’ll allocate to each crucial area; and

3) Maintain a personal time sheet to account for the use (investment) of your time, and be certain not to deviate from it, unless your results indicate that your investments in specific critical functions need to be either increased, decreased or timed (e.g. ordered) differently.

Some examples of the critical functions in which I must invest my time consciously and carefully follow below. Yours may be somewhat different, but the information which follows night provoke you to think about how you invest your time more proactively and eliminate as much entropy and crisis management from your life as possible:

  • sleeping
  • meditating
  • eating
  • working directly on my business (i.e., undertaking my contractual obligations)
  • networking (generally)
  • cultivating selected relationships
  • listening to and playing music
  • attending to my social media internet presence and blogging
  • evaluating and reviewing the week’s accomplishments
  • planning the following week’s calendar
  • working out at the gym
  • non-business socializing
  • miscellaneous errands

While you might have certain hobbies, activities and interests which we don’t have in common, you are now visualizing your time as a precious commodity that must be allocated to catalyze numerous life functions a much more productive day, week, month, year and career.  It requires that you acknowledge that you life is essentially the business of allocating time to your ultimate and optimal advantage.

Your first few attempts at structuring and executing a time-optimal schedule will be difficult; be patient with yourself and allow for some time at the outset, and anticipate several weeks’ worth of fine-tuning your schedule. You must also anticipate some switching of item positions on your schedules — that is to say that you may allow a certain number of hours for an activity during your week, but those hours may occur on different dates and different times. The schedule template below could prove helpful:


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