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The export of goods and services overseas has never been as profitable or as possible as it is right now. With a slightly deflated dollar and an ever-increasing overseas demand for products made in the United States due to increasing consumerism amongst the emerging economies, creating an export channel or division to your business is a wise choice in terms of broadening your customer base and diversifying your sources of revenue in a tempestuous domestic economy.

With a computer (I like to utilize Skype), a telephone and a comfortable chair, many companies in the United States can create virtual export divisions at minimal cost — without ever taking a single plane trip. To learn more about this please feel free to contact me at http://bit.ly/CASTLEDIRECT . You’ll receive the help that you’ll need. This is the easy way to get started if you’re not already in the export business, or if you’ve just gotten started but need a bit of confidence bolstering and guidance.

If you prefer to engage in the business yourself, remember that as an exporter you face risks that most businesses never have to consider. When most banks hear the term “export,” they usually become hesitant to lend, or to issue any type of loan or credit guarantee (remember Letters Of Credit? That’s almost nostalgic nowadays). The good news here is that the Export-Import Bank of the United States currently has a program which guarantees up to 95% of exporter financing – externalizing your risks associated with both trade transactions and larger international projects.

If you’d like to learn more about this exporting program, you can receive a download about export and exporting guarantees from EX-IM by clicking on https://www.mediafire.com/?bo01q35e3so0etm .

The export business is only getting better … and the time to begin (if you haven’t started already) is today.

Douglas E. Castle

The Douglas E. Castle Consultancy offers a complete suite of business consulting and advisory services for organizations ranging from seedling, "bootstrapped" startups, through established small- to medium-sized enterprises conducting commerce both domestically and internationally.

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